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The SEIL-FREY snow retention system
Concepts for the refitting of ski-jumps with mat coverings for winter operation

Reliable and professional

Use mat platforms throughout the year

For small and
large platforms:
K15 to K180





Nets can be deployed on the inrun and landing slope


The net which is made from strong plastic rope offers reliable resistance to any slipping of the snow. The robust and lightweight material is stabilized against UV-radiation and has a long lifespan. A fastening device gives the net additional stability.


Quick and easy to install



Perfected installation technique

The assembly of the snow retaining nets is relatively simple. The snow retention system is mounted onto the ski-jump before the winter season. The net is delivered as large bales, which are rolled out and folded out and fixed onto the platform. The size of the bales can be determined according to the customer?s requirements for each project.


Rapid installation saves running costs

This installation system is extremely efficient. A well trained team of 6 persons can cover a K90 platform in five to eight hours for example. The disassembly in spring normally requires less time. The personnel costs are therefore kept to a minimum.







Installation supervision and instruction by technical personnel for the first assembly

The first installation of the SEIL-FREY snow retention system is supervised by a specialist from SEIL-FREY snow retention systems GmbH.At the same time ski-jump employees are trained in the assembly technique so that they can perform this without supervision in subsequent years.




Safety for users and designers



Snow retention concepts are important for the design of the ski-jump

Technically perfected snow retention systems are extremely important for the success of the all year round ski-jumps. The demands placed on it are high:

  • The loads created by the snow must be carried safely.
  • It should function reliably during winter operations both with little or large quantities of snow.
  • Preparation of the snow, using slope preparation vehicles must also be possible.
  • Annual assembly must be easy and inexpensive.

Calculating the dimensions on the basis
of static load calculations
The snow retaining net has the task of keeping up to 800 tons of snow from slipping. The snow retaining system must be capable of dealing with this load during a thaw. A design for the load bearing of every platform is developed according to the known local snowfall statistics, and in consideration of any deployment of slope preparation vehicles. The dimensions of the load bearing system are determined on the basis of these calculations.

Alternative load bearing concepts are possible
In general various fastening concepts with differing advantages are feasible for snow retention systems e.g. via wire ropes parallel to the ski-jump axis or parabolic shaped cables, or via numerous anchor points directly fixed onto the concrete surface of the platform.

The renovation of jumping platforms
In the case of renovations or reprofiling, fastening concepts can be developed, which use existing structural components such as concrete foundations for example.

Construction of new ski-jumps
Various technical solutions are available for new building projects. In this case we recommend a decision on the type of anchoring system early in the planning phase. Optimum solutions can then be found with respect to price and technical implementation.

Please contact us for a free consultation with our specialist engineer

Recommended by satisfied customers

?has proved
itself a success?




As a manufacturer of ropes and nets we have made snow retention systems for ski-jumps with plastic mats since 1980. Close cooperation with many designers, ski-jump operaters and technicians has enabled us to develop a system which has proved itself on over 40 ski-jumps. Close cooperation with our customers is for us an important prerequisite for the successful further development of our product.

Our customers had this to say

Effortless and rapid assembly and disassembly of the snow retaining nets. Weather resistance and lack of decay of the materials, therefore a long lifespan for the snow retaining nets. Even with a thin layer of snow, the snow retaining net enables a continuation of the training and competition operations. There was therefore minimal effort to prepare the installation during winters with low snowfall.

In particular the rapid and uncomplicated assembly is to be emphasized. It is to be further emphasized, that despite sometimes very low levels of snow, the use of the ski-jump was always possible for training and competitions. Apart from that it appears that the flexible snow retaining nets have an advantage over the stiff cross beams which were used in the past, in that they protect the mat coverings.

We have used your snow retaining nets on our mat ski-jumps for two winters now, and our expectations have been met completely. The fastening fixtures supplied are  adequate. A slipping of the net can be completely ruled out. We haven?t noticed any wear and tear up until now. The installation can be done in a very short time with only minimal assistance.

What is especially crucial for us is the suitability of the net for large quantities of snow. Even during such conditions we had optimum experiences with this system. We can assure you that the snow retaining net , although not the cheapest solution, is certainly the best currently. We are satisfied and recommend it further.

The SEIL-FREY snow retaining nets have been used for two seasons and have fulfilled their function of preventing the snow slipping away to our fullest satisfaction. The assembly and disassembly is simple.

After being used for the twelfth winter since its delivery, we can assure you that the net is in practically same condition as on its delivery in 1981. Above all, we have never had problems with the winter preparations in the last twelfth years. The net is stable and shows no signs of wear and tear. We can finally confirm, that the decision to acquire the snow retaining net was the correct one.

We can confirm that the snow retaining nets delivered by your company have met our expectations completely. The assembly, with the assistance of a few people from our club went smoothly and without problems.

We regard this net as the optimum solution, particularly since the assembly in autumn and the disassembly in spring proceed rapidly and without any large expenditure.

These customer comments are taken from actual letters sent to the company SEIL-FREY GmbH.

Operating internationally since 1980

A Bischofshofen K120 2003
A Bischofshofen K20 1996
A Innsbruck K120 2001
A Murau K20, K35 2003
A Mürzzuschlag K55 2004
A Ramsau K90 1995
A Rottenmann K10/K15, K30, K45 2003
A Saalfelden K30, K60 2003
A Saalfelden K45 1993
A Stams K60, K105 1989
A Villach K15, K30, K60, K90 1995
A Hinzenbach K20/K40 2004
CH Einsiedeln K70, K45 2005
CH Wildhaus K15, K30 1989
CH Gibswil K60 2006
CZ Liberec K120 2001
D Berchtesgaden K27 1994
D Berchtesgaden K90 1999
D Bischofsgrün K57 1983
D Bischofsgrün K65 2002
D Braunlage K57 1988
D Breitenberg K15, K35, K75 1989
D Furtwangen K85 1985
D Garmisch-Partenkirchen K80 2002
D Hinterzarten K15, K30 2004
D Hinterzarten K70 2005
D Hinterzarten K95 1999
D Hinterzarten K90 1981
D Isny K15, K30, K60 1994
D Johanngeorgenstadt K13/K21, K36/K55 2005
D Klingenthal K120 2005
D Meßstetten K20 1999
D Meßstetten K40 1992
D Oberhof K120 1998
D Oberhof K90 2002
D Oberstdorf K30 2000
D Oberstdorf K56, K120 2003
D Oberstdorf K90 1997
D Oberwiesenthal K95 2001
D Reit im Winkl K55 1986
D Ruhpolding K20 2004
D Willingen K25/K45 2005
D Winterberg K45 1985
F Chaux-Neuve K57 1991
F Courchevel K60 2004
F Courchevel K90, K120 1990
I Pragelato K15, K30, K60, K90, K120 2005
I Predazzo K90, K120 2005
I St. Christina K20/K30 2006
I Gallio K60 2006
I Tarvisio K21, K31 2006
PL Zakopane K120 2003
SF Kuusamo K120* 1995
SI Kranj K100 2004
SK Strbské Pleso K90 1998
 * without a fastening system

We offer the following services:

  • A cost free consultation in the
     planning phase
  • Reliable information about the
     load conducting points of the
     snow retention system
  • The delivery of the snow retaining net for the inrun
  • The delivery of the snow retaining net for the landing slope
    • Assembly supervision or the
      complete carrying-out of the
      initial installation
    • Instructions for use
    • Calculation of statics
    • Free phone service
    • Five year guarantee
    • Free hotline for all questions concerning snow retention



    C.-H.-Jaeger-Strasse 3 | D-77955 Ettenheim, Germany
    Phone +49(0)7822894444 | Fax +49(0)7822894420
    e-mail: service@seil-frey.de | http://www.seil-frey.de