Geschichte der Seilerei Frey in Ettenheim      

Our customers benefit from the experience of seven generations of ropemakers 

The origins of the Seil-Frey company can be traced back in direct lineage to the year 1780. Our ancestral gallery shows seven ropemakers with the name Frey in Ettenheim.




    In the first four generations, the ropery is mainly run alongside their own agriculture. In addition to potatoes and beets, the ancestors also grow hemp, which is the most important material in the ropery before the turn of the century.


    JOSEF FREY, 1805-1868, SEILER

    Most of the rope products are also used in agriculture: e.g. sheaf and calf ropes, lace ropes, wagon ropes.

  • JOSEF FREY, 1836-1915, SEILER

    MAX FREY, 1865-1938, SEILER


    It was not until 1945, after the war, that Alois Frey was able to expand production and focus on the needs of industry and the construction sector for rope goods. He builds a 200-meter-long ropemaking line. Electric motors now drive the hooks of the rope-making machines, with which twisted yarns are "spun" and yarns and strands are beaten using the warping process.


    With the entry of master rope maker Peter Frey into the craft company and the construction of a new production hall in 1978, the company develops with great innovative dynamism.

    Die Produktpalette verbreitert sich enorm:

    • A 600-ton press can now be used to further process steel wire ropes up to 34 mm rope diameter by pressing on loops, hooks and rings.
    • The production of textile nets in many variants and designs becomes the trademark of the Seil-Frey company.
    • Plastic ropes made of polyamide and polypropylene replace natural fibers in many applications due to their good strength and durability.
    • Chains and textile lifting equipment for lifting loads are added to the product range.


    After graduating in industrial engineering from the University of Kaiserslautern, Erik Frey joined Seil-Frey GmbH as managing director in 1995.

    More in-depth technical calculations in all product areas can now be performed in-house.

    • Produktweiterentwicklung Schneehaltesystem für Skisprungschanzen
    • Edelstahlseile mit Zubehör
    • Netze aus Edelstahlseilen und hochfesten Dyneemafasern.

    Als Seilermeister führt er den Ettenheimer Handwerksbetrieb in der siebten Generation.